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Material Overview

In this category we represent artful building materials for interior and exterior practices . We claim our materials to be natural( Non –synthetic) & some of them original handmade art pieces .The articles which range from wood to stone , glass tiles and ceramics ;form a diverse material chain incase of type ,texture , color , transparency, reflection ,roughness & other features.
By making an artistic composition of these materials , exciting environment to people of all levels & tastes will be created.
If you wish to get inspired to expose & establish your dreamed environment ;tour our Art for architecture to review contribution of our materials and artful articles in 3plus4 designed & executed projects .
Note : In case you have any special size needed in your project , do not hesitate to contact us . We offer you the possibility of receiving your order in the size you determine for us.


Young Artists International Competition
Painting and Photography - LONDON 2009  More ...