About us

Founded as architecture & interior deigning company as well as a complementary art gallery in 1997
Over the last 10 years acquired reputation for providing the highest quality design & executing service for projects of various types. 3plus 4 architecture group claims to be a responsive design consultancy that create innovative environments with a sustainable focus .
3plus4 group is looking for something beyond the single concept of constructing which would be introduced by integrating art & architecture .
The group is taking the approach of nourishing the interior designing field by representing artistic design for every practical and decorative item in the arrangement of the living space.
The group creates intelligent, stylish & commercially astute design by combining the very best of inspired artists & architects as well as the highest professional standards.
3plus4 array of art pieces vary in theme from wall art to sculpture and home décors, in material from baked clay, metal, stone, ceramic, wood to plaster and in size from 10 centimeters to over 3 meters long .
These articles convey not only artistic values but also are adapted into useful stylish & functional home décor such as vessels, bookends, furniture elements and other sorts of practical and decorative elements.

Our criteria& values :
3 plus 4 design philosophy is centered around the following criteria:

-- Meeting clients need regarding the highest professional standards
-- Making use of the highest quality and the most environmentally friendly materials
-- Fulfilling the aesthetical aspects
-- Manifesting creativity
-- Being affordable to a wide range of budgets
-- considering durability as a major feature of our products and architecture design
--adapting integrity and consistency between the forehead items

Our internet store

We took the approach to make your shopping experience of our products exclusive as well as being easy and full of joy.
Through our website we make provision of representing art pieces of varying styles & from different cultures to our consumers including interior designers , architects and domestic general consumers .

Our commitment:

Our commitment in our internet store is centered around the 3 following items:

--Making satisfying communication for customers

-- establishing easy and secure ordering environment

-- providing efficient delivery & customer friendly services

-- taking every precaution to protect the security of consumer personal information.


Young Artists International Competition
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